We do wish we can help you with your issue, but we do -not- host nor are we afiiliated with any game servers.

Contacting us about a game server listed on this site will get you an automated response, as we most likely know less about the game server than you do. This site lists over 70,000 game servers, and there is no possible way we can be connected to that many game servers.

Tips on finding the correct person to contact:

- Check the name of the server, some game servers provide their web address in their name

- Check the MOTD in the game server (may be difficult if you are banned, perhaps get a friend to?)

- Google the name of the game server, ignore any Game-Monitor results and look for sites with part of the game server's name in it, or vice versa.

- Go to the server page on Game-Monitor corresponding to the game server in question, and look through the 'Server Variables' to see if any contact information is provided there.

- Get a friend to join the server, and ask about getting you unbanned

- Last resort: Find another server to play on