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Christian Fighters .:{SiC}:.

Christian Fighters .:{SiC}:.

Christian Fighters .:{SiC}:.
IP: Players: 48/48 (average: 24.04)  Bots: 0
Map: mp_courtyard (180) Consecutive Failed: 0 / 180
Game: Call of Duty: World at War
Last Updated: 1m47s ago (cached: 0s) Month Uptime: 99.7543% (12585 / 12616)
Last DB Update: 1m47s ago (last check: 0s) Added: days ago
Players Online
Player Name Score Duration Ping
_Brett 655 207ms
xXx_nArUtO7 649 158ms
[ZhG]EvilTurbo 623 72ms
Gio_Mad 618 64ms
Rebel_Dorian 491 46ms
[uZa]Having-Fun 476 35ms
ChaosZero 456 66ms
kisel_rus 435 144ms
Starrynites 387 49ms
Dementos 382 72ms
letueur 378 95ms
NiceFellow 366 97ms
-MAD-Mark 347 60ms
--MISTER-X-- 338 167ms
che66 314 114ms
[PIX]relien 308 92ms
Codirovcshik 301 133ms
SoundwaveOiA 279 58ms
nismo2005 272 280ms
Experium 272 83ms
Laserlance 261 45ms
Le-Chacal 256 108ms
MrKittles 232 83ms
[PoTS]Thrillseeka2 231 45ms
nexthour 224 137ms
Nicksham 218 91ms
stlkr 212 121ms
ICED_E 209 54ms
SantaSniper1 187 66ms
brobat 184 69ms
aka-Bronco 180 52ms
Pierre_a_feu 158 78ms
GTRREBELL 154 68ms
[EBS]Hokanu 135 68ms
Darkpacheko 132 120ms
LonleyWolf 131 126ms
TomasUchiha 125 50ms
Teddy00 100 80ms
DarkEagleXTC 100 87ms
BobEagle 55 43ms
Wizrex 50 93ms
suricat 25 31ms
snake28 25 85ms
[KH]ProblemZ 0 92ms
Bowline 0 126ms
Vanthe 0 999ms
henkdabenk 0 92ms
Server Comparison
Server Rank
Overall Rank: 452 / 165800 (99th %ile)
Game Rank: 23 / 2813 (99th %ile)
Country Game Rank: 9 / 855 (99th %ile)
City Game Rank: 5 / 351 (98th %ile)
GeoIP Location
Server Location: , United Kingdom
Your Location: Seattle, WA, United States
Distance: 7413 km / 4606 miles

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