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[HEX] Town!!

[HEX] Town!!

[HEX] Town!!
IP: Players: 52/52 (average: 24.61)  Bots: 0
Map: mp_strike (1077) Consecutive Failed: 0 / 738
Game: Call of Duty 4
Last Updated: 37s ago (cached: 0s) Month Uptime: 99.2101% (4396 / 4431)
Last DB Update: 37s ago (last check: 0s) Added: 344 days ago
Players Online
Player Name Score Duration Ping
HOTGUN 354 327ms
A-M-MAK47 242 232ms
HokkaidoKuma 238 224ms
Pavel 192 242ms
Flexican 160 180ms
Sergey 150 190ms
Chet 150 283ms
Jan 124 221ms
speeedy 122 203ms
Bravo5 122 231ms
ALEX 120 206ms
Pootie Tang 118 175ms
DPSrus 114 251ms
[BRA]J� era �_� 94 214ms
MOHAMEDS�_�ALA 92 551ms
PeelYourWig 88 90ms
HansLanda 88 251ms
007 80 228ms
Geranimo 78 87ms
destroyerr 76 237ms
Iron 72 18ms
Plets 66 210ms
SoonerBorn 66 51ms
ptrl_ranger 64 84ms
Eric 54 106ms
watt 52 56ms
{SA}*ChAchABOM 52 100ms
DenTT(63rus) 52 255ms
Chilla52 52 240ms
Andrey 46 213ms
ZoltaK 44 60ms
JOHNNY 40 224ms
cherio 40 234ms
����� 36 231ms
Theo1994 30 141ms
Ben 30 105ms
jamesr1127 26 99ms
Nivek 22 105ms
Bruna 12 209ms
ZIKA 10 248ms
FirstToFight 10 223ms
DaGermOne 0 202ms
Michael 0 65ms
Test 0 252ms
Salt-Eater 0 249ms
Micki 0 227ms
fg 0 228ms
AlfredNicola 0 199ms
nyberg95 0 173ms
leon 0 403ms
CEARA 0 208ms
Server Comparison
Server Rank
Overall Rank: 1640 / 187666 (99th %ile)
Game Rank: 56 / 13440 (99th %ile)
Country Game Rank: 25 / 2351 (98th %ile)
City Game Rank: 8 / 207 (96th %ile)
GeoIP Location
Server Location: Buffalo, NY, United States
Your Location: Lexington, MA, United States
Distance: 628 km / 390 miles

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