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*Area51* CoD4 Public Server 1 Ranked

*Area51* CoD4 Public Server 1 Ranked

*Area51* CoD4 Public Server 1 Ranked
IP: Players: 33/42 (average: 26.51)  Bots: 0
Map: mp_crash (1694) Consecutive Failed: 0 / 738
Game: Call of Duty 4
Last Updated: 11s ago (cached: 0s) Month Uptime: 98.9459% (4224 / 4269)
Last DB Update: 11s ago (last check: 0s) Added: 589 days ago
Players Online
Player Name Score Duration Ping
WeGotit4Cheap1 780 112ms
TheCrotchNail 658 121ms
NENSC 434 68ms
Mr. Slippyfist 362 119ms
Omega27 332 85ms
|ONE|johnnyo 326 49ms
DemonLord 324 301ms
SweatingBullets 310 63ms
*|T2D|*BasHO 298 61ms
.:AON:.Curly 256 45ms
Smakfactor 238 56ms
DivineRite 234 62ms
gabe 226 49ms
rounder 224 51ms
ur6an 214 67ms
EasyCompany 196 58ms
Challenge-Br 192 246ms
RubberDucky 190 79ms
Andres 172 129ms
Interrogator 142 34ms
Enzo 124 152ms
Graham 106 130ms
TWINCAM 98 82ms
H-Raichou 82 164ms
whitey 82 193ms
*Area51*MiKe 66 125ms
twinlake 44 57ms
[n00b]VirTu0stY 30 136ms
Lord Fool 10 53ms
]PoW[Cerberos 0 67ms
Rinko 0 106ms
Altair2057 0 163ms
OrangeSoda 0 999ms
Server Comparison
Server Rank
Overall Rank: 280 / 181807 (99th %ile)
Game Rank: 63 / 18150 (99th %ile)
Country Game Rank: 29 / 4757 (99th %ile)
City Game Rank: 3 / 116 (98th %ile)
GeoIP Location
Server Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Your Location: Littleton, CO, United States
Distance: 1339 km / 832 miles

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