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|SMART| zombieX! EU

|SMART| zombieX! EU

|SMART| zombieX! EU
IP: Players: 35/48 (average: 18)  Bots: 0
Map: mp_suburban (154) Consecutive Failed: 0 / 180
Game: Call of Duty: World at War
Last Updated: 1m41s ago (cached: 0s) Month Uptime: 99.2641% (4856 / 4892)
Last DB Update: 1m41s ago (last check: 0s) Added: days ago
Players Online
Player Name Score Duration Ping
--Kirby-- 24955 51ms
zomgwtfbbq 14343 197ms
Cosm0 8398 61ms
TheHampster 8184 178ms
Dustin 4242 110ms
Dethstix 4241 146ms
Bobilius 3408 180ms
Sandokan 3242 103ms
[1024]CutterWolf 3053 144ms
Navvak 2721 69ms
[ExE]Darkzero3 2156 123ms
MrLordLT 1954 116ms
ollycod 1943 57ms
FlameMan 1936 225ms
[1024]2_PUPS 1928 147ms
[1024]Sc00ter 1218 371ms
painNdespair 1158 213ms
25ASig 1066 143ms
[-FB-]BlueDomino 1053 397ms
Reddog24 1030 157ms
Anzmane 858 163ms
destoryer 680 185ms
[TDR]Honey 540 155ms
TheDeparted 500 148ms
DAD_ 470 380ms
realcrown 416 205ms
kiko 400 142ms
Latexrex 342 144ms
Rumjungle 260 188ms
W33D-PIT-GER 144 68ms
Rain_Man 140 167ms
[FLOT]Havok_ 70 180ms
Guarnere2 0 209ms
[ubbr]NunoValerio 0 999ms
[ZOM]Amazine 0 67ms
Server Comparison
Server Rank
Overall Rank: 1283 / 165800 (99th %ile)
Game Rank: 38 / 2813 (98th %ile)
Country Game Rank: 16 / 855 (98th %ile)
City Game Rank: 5 / 29 (86th %ile)
GeoIP Location
Server Location: Farnborough, F2, United Kingdom
Your Location: Seattle, WA, United States
Distance: 7704 km / 4787 miles

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