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aa Doorman is God DM

aa Doorman is God DM

aa Doorman is God DM
IP: Players: 44/52 (average: 31.7)  Bots: 0
Map: mp_creek (285) Consecutive Failed: 0 / 180
Game: Call of Duty 4
Last Updated: 51s ago (cached: 0s) Month Uptime: 99.7613% (11282 / 11309)
Last DB Update: 51s ago (last check: 0s) Added: days ago
Players Online
Player Name Score Duration Ping
Antman 50 147ms
Pinoy 40 49ms
JPizzle 30 99ms
Dirrty 24 69ms
albino1 20 82ms
Rebu 20 229ms
**p0rN*$taR** 20 63ms
suicidebomber 20 161ms
Manjetone 10 277ms
=HT=Derek 10 60ms
Blusix 10 51ms
||PUNISHER|| 10 71ms
Eliminate 10 94ms
iDiOfn 10 67ms
MasterD 10 167ms
cidvicous 2 141ms
Led 0 264ms
ItsMeEhShayno 0 83ms
WindUpBird 0 999ms
[i-777]Bustrbom 0 71ms
Pwnzicus 0 43ms
Ghostkill 0 71ms
JAAAAKE 0 125ms
=CGB=MCchum 0 57ms
noname 0 214ms
TrIfF 0 259ms
-_- 0 42ms
StinkyPirate 0 225ms
Richard 0 57ms
Iris 0 54ms
FredEx_delivery 0 96ms
Buddy 0 42ms
a douchebag 0 72ms
Atlas 0 87ms
wesker19 0 109ms
Handy_Capper 0 104ms
[TFF] thud.FX 0 67ms
Kaptain Karnage 0 135ms
Moi 0 176ms
[i-777]z4sniper 0 95ms
BigALPR 0 80ms
Blackice 0 74ms
KALQ 0 115ms
vG-LewY 0 316ms
Server Comparison
Server Rank
Overall Rank: 146 / 164517 (99th %ile)
Game Rank: 28 / 17254 (99th %ile)
Country Game Rank: 14 / 3929 (99th %ile)
City Game Rank: 1 / 112 (100th %ile)
GeoIP Location
Server Location: Herndon, VA, United States
Your Location: Seattle, WA, United States
Distance: 3709 km / 2305 miles

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