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Server Info:
2Xtreme Gaming Server #ukclan_2x Host www.fps.net    
IP: Players: 0/13 (average: 0.87)
Map: mp/drachq4ctf2 (9)
Consecutive Failed: 0
Game: Quake 4
Last Updated: 06m15s ago (cached: 0s) Month Uptime: % ( / )

Server Rank:
Game Ranking: 46 Overall Ranking: 27613

User Rating:
Score: 0 Total Votes: 0

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Name   Score Duration Ping
Name   Score Duration Ping

Server Variables:
Server Variable Value
.files1 q4 fps ctf maps
.files2 battle
.files3 quakemas maps
.files4 q4wcp9
.pakFileList pak001-013,fps-ctf-mappack,game000,game100,x-bmskins-010,x-game-linux32-020,x-game-win32-020,x-pak-020,zpak_english,zpak_english_01,zpak_french,zpak_french_01,zpak_italian,zpak_italian_01,zpak_spanish,zpak_spanish_01
fs_game battle
gamename X-Battle v0.20
net_serverDedicated 1
si_captureLimit 0
si_config VoteAble
si_fragLimit 0
Server Variable Value
si_gameType CTF
si_idleServer 0
si_map mp/drachq4ctf2
si_maxPlayers 13
si_name ^12Xtreme ^4Gaming Server ^1#ukclan_2x ^4Host www.fps.net
si_pure 1
si_roundLimit 7
si_timeLimit 20
si_usepass 1
si_version Quake4 Final V1.0.6.0 Build 2147.12 linux-x86 Dec 12 2005
sv_punkbuster 1

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